I only have three followers. I am quite aware this won’t initially reach many. I am putting my request in a tumblr post for ease of access.

I’m sure many of you have seen the requests for help for bills and various other things. I ask that you not pass over this as just another one of those.


I don’t usually do this, but a very good friend of mine’s best friend has gone missing at sea and he needs all of the help he can get. Even if you can’t donate anything to the cause, you can give him and his friend’s family all of the help in the world by spreading the message.

I hope everything turns out for the better and thank you to anyone who helps.

((I just got a new tablet, so now I get to get used to it then more and more updates to come. Yay.))

Looks like I’ll be on a temporary hiatus

I really, really hate to make a post like this. I’ve honestly been putting off making this post for a while, but tonight I’m going to sit down and do it. I feel like you guys need to know since I don’t know when this hiatus is going to end. I’m not going to be able to update ask Rose indefinitely because of some technical difficulties and money problems.

Unfortunately, my tablet is an old, old girl. I’ve had her for at least the last eight years, and it honestly might have been earlier than that when I got it. Being so old what I’m about to say might shock some people. I’ve been using the pen that came in the box with my tablet. Since I know that some people might not get why that’s shocking, I have a friend with the same tablet who goes through three pens a year. Well, after all this time my pen has finally decided to kick the bucket. Also unfortunately, it decided it was time to kick the bucket when all of my money is going to be going into my college expenses.

Please don’t misunderstand me with this post. I’m not asking for help getting a new tablet pen. Honestly, I wouldn’t feel right asking for money from my followers. But you guys have every right to know that I currently cannot afford a new tablet pen and as such I cannot update as I would like to. And it’s so sucky! I have some - in my opinion - good jokes written up, story boarded out, and ready to be drawn up for the blog.

I know you guys are amazing and will be so understanding. Even so, I’m really, really sorry about the lack of updates to come. If anyone wants an update or to chat or know more about anything, feel free to send me a message. I check my inbox religiously and I promise to get back to you ASAP. I also promise a live stream once I get a tablet pen again.

I adore you guys! And I hope to be up and running again soon.

- Mod

Squee~ First Fanart!


Hey Joy! Look i was a bit late to send you that. But i took my time and there will be more i want to do, but now i need to put a rest. x3 Have fun with it. I really enjoy your blog~! Love.

~Mod c:

Oh my gosh~ I love it some much. <3 Thanks so much. This, like, made my week. You have no idea. c: 

It is late…

…and Sai stopped wanting to draw for me. D; So I’m going to have to stop streaming for the night. I’ll finish up that post in the morning.